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4 Marketing Trends We’re Watching Closely in 2017

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Easy. That seems to be the word du jour among marketers these days. Easy to enjoy. Easy to find. Easy to do. Easy to buy into. And the trends we’re seeing clearly support that.

1. Short videos

The number of people watching videos jumped 36 percent from 2014.[1] We attribute this to ease of delivery and stronger networks that keep videos from annoyingly buffering midway through. But we’re also seeing that more marketers are embracing the simple truth that less is more.

Less is easy. Less gives viewers and audiences the chance to breathe ¾ to consider what you’re telling them.

Also, less is respectful. According to research conducted by Visible Measures, you’ll lose 33 percent of viewers after 30 seconds, almost half your viewers by 1 minute and 60 percent by 2 minutes. As a result, marketers are finding ways to make their messages easy and deliver them quickly on their social channels, YouTube, their own websites and in emails.


One video, one message: Don’t try to pack everything into one video. No one has the time to watch it all anyway. If your product or service has three unique features, make three videos.

The words matter: Razzle-dazzle imagery will capture attention, but words will drive action. Whether they’re spoken or shown, be sure they’re easy to understand and jargon-free.

2. Long-tail keywords

Skilled digital marketers are investing in long-tail keywords (a.k.a., key phrases) ¾ the sentences and sentence fragments searchers use, like “green king-size bed spread.” Why? Because long tails make it easier for people to find you. Interestingly, only 15 percent of searchers use one word in their searches (the most general term in a search, like “green” or “bed” in the example above).[2] Every additional word narrows the search and improves lead quality because they’re telling you exactly what they want.


Talk to your customers: Ask them what they keyed in to find you. They’re probably not the only ones to use that exact phrase, and even if they were, it’ll give you a jumping-off point for compiling your own list of long tails.

Get specific: The more specific you are with your long-tail keywords, the less competition there’ll be for them, the less you’ll pay and the higher quality every lead will be.

3. Clear calls to action

Online readers don’t read per se. They skim. This leads to a decrease in overall comprehension.

So if you can really only count on your audience to retain one, two or three things max from something like a landing page, make sure one of them is instruction on what to do next. Click. Call. Join. Ask. Buy. Easy. Whatever it is, make sure it’s unmissable and unmistakable.

In the past, advice like this led to ugly landing pages with giant CTAs that would feel off-putting and pushy and make visitors click away. But smart digital marketers are striking a balance between form and function.


Experience matters: Don’t underestimate the satisfaction someone gets from a problem-free interaction. If what you need is simple to find and it works like it should, it’s time for a happy dance.

A/B test: Try different CTAs to see which perform better. That’s the beauty of digital marketing. And if you have the time, go all the way to A/Z testing.

4. Pain-point-focused content

This is actually the most promising of the trends we’re seeing in 2017, although it really should’ve been the norm since…well…since the beginning of time: marketers are focusing on what’s in it for their audiences instead of what’s in it for themselves.

And the trend is refreshingly honest and straightforward, inspirational and motivational. And, of course, easy to get behind because you’re talking to people in their language. It’s the difference between we help people lose weight and look great in time for your wedding.


Less “we.” More “you.”: As you re-read your content, count up the instances of “we” and “I.” More is worse. See if you can reframe content to take the focus off you and on to your reader.

Propose easy solutions easily: What good is good advice if it’s delivered unintelligibly? Whatever your answer is, be sure everyone can understand it. As Albert Einstein said, if you can't explain it to a six-year-old, you don't get it yet yourself.

If you want to discuss these trends, or other trends that you've come across, contact us! We'd love to hear from you!



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