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Preparing Your Website for a Successful Cyber Monday

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November has arrived! Which means that the biggest day of the year for e-commerce sites is right around the corner; Cyber Monday, which falls on Monday, November the 27th. To ensure that this Cyber Monday is one of your most successful days, we have created a list of the 5 necessary things that you need to do to get your website in tip-top shape.

1) Design an Easy to Use Website

Given that Cyber Monday revolves around consumers shopping online, it is essential to ensure that your website design is up to date and easy to use. Things to consider for an easy to use website include: - Simple navigation - Ease of readability - Consistency of design elements - Quick website speed - Access of customer service support A great way to see if your website meets the above criteria is to run usability tests before the big day.

2) Make Sure the Website is Mobile Friendly Throughout the day, customers will be shopping on their mobile phones, desktops, and tablets. Ensure that the storefront cart can link seamlessly across all three, thus providing your customers with a great and easy shopping experience to avoid any abandoned carts.

3) Create Personalized Offers and Promotions Amazon creates one to one shopping experiences for each of their consumers, and so should you. To do so use demographic and geographic data to promote specialized offers to your consumers. This will also help create a beneficial shopping experience for your consumers.

4) Increase your Social Media Efforts Before the big day occurs, it is essential to build brand recognition and awareness with consumers online. This can be done by increasing your email campaigns, tweets, and Facebook posts. It is also a good idea to have an employee monitor social platforms to interact with your consumers. This helps to build brand loyalty, and can answer any questions consumers may have before going online on Cyber Monday.

5) Be able to Handle Increased Traffic It is essential that your website can handle traffic spikes, as a great deal of people will be online and visiting your webpage this day. Make sure that your webpage has exceptional search functions, customer service, and payment options available.

Cyber Monday is a fun and successful day for e-commerce websites. Be sure that your website is ready for the day by preparing with the tips we have mentioned above. For more information or assistance in getting your website ready, feel free to reach out and email us, as we would be happy to help. We wish you a happy November and a successful Cyber Monday!

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