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Top Ten Marketing Trends for 2018

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As December approaches, and 2017 comes to an end, we all start to think about the possibilities that 2018 will bring. And if you are like us at Media Rez, you will also start to wonder about the future digital marketing trends that you will need to be using in the New Year.

If you are curious about the industry trends that 2018 will bring, we have developed a Top Ten 2018 Digital Marketing Trends list that will surely keep you ahead of the digital marketing curve, providing you a successful brand in the New Year.

Here are the trends that you MUST be aware of:

For Social Media Marketing:

  1. Using Chatbots for customer service: We are all aware that the digital shift is starting the use of Artificial Intelligence or Robots. For 2018, use the digital shift of chatbots to better your customer service online, by providing faster response times to your consumers, as well as building brand loyalty by adjusting your chatbot to use your brand’s voice and personality.

  2. Adding Ephemeral Content to your marketing strategy. Snapchat realized and started the trend of disappearing content, and Instagram and Facebook have followed the trend in 2017 by allowing Stories. Disappearing (ephemeral) stories create a sense of urgency with your brand and keep followers coming back for more!.

  3. Using Influencer Marketing. This is not a new trend by any means, however in 2018 the importance of influencer marketing will be on the rise. Consumers like to see their favourite social media star talking about products and services that are true to their heart and passion. To add influencer marketing to your strategy, ensure that the social media star’s passions and platform relate to your product. This will build a good report will the influencer, and will not seem as though the influencer is talking about a product that they do not believe in.

For Digital Marketing:

  1. Video, Video, Video! In 2017, over 90 % of the content that was shared by consumers were video sources. It is believed that by 2020, over 80% of the content online will all be video sources, as more and more companies will begin to move to this strategy. Our advice would be to get ahead of this trend immediately, by adding video content strategies into your marketing plan for 2018. Just remember to make sure that your videos are high quality and super engaging to be effective.

  2. Creating content used for Micro Moments. Nowadays, consumer’s searches are very impulsive and usually done quickly and on their mobile devices. It is now part of brand’s responsibilities to anticipate these impulsive searches, being able to provide great and useful content to the consumer at their beck and call. For 2018, start strategizing on how your products or services may be impulsively searched, and then provide information online so that you can adhere to customer touch-points no matter the time or location.

For Search Engine Optimization:

  1. Get prepared for the increase in Voice Search: There has been a rise in 2017 with digital assistants such as Siri and the Amazon Echo. This has now caused 1 out of 5 searches to be from voice inquiries. To survive this new-found trend, it is imperative that your SEO strategy contains some long tail search keywords and natural language that will match the tone of your consumer’s conversation.

  2. Updating your User Experience. We all know that UX is important, but did you know that by giving your consumers a smooth user experience that Google could favour your website over others? With smooth and engaging UX, consumers will be more likely to use and visit your webpage over others. This causes Google to suggest your (frequently used) webpage to other consumers who are looking for the same info that your site provides. In addition, due to the increase in use of mobile device and tablets for searches and web use, ensure your UX will be consistent and smooth over all possible touch-points.

  3. The rise of Visual Search. We have seen Pinterest grow in popularity due to their start in the visual search trend. As more and more brands begin to use this strategy, it is necessary that your brand jumps on the trend in 2018. Use more engaging photos with proper SEO tags to ensure that your photos are showcased when consumers are searching. For more examples of how to use visual search, look at Google and Bing.

For Branding:

  1. Begin using Native Advertising Strategies. Consumer’s do not want to be disrupted when online. To make this concept work for your brand, create marketing and advertising pieces that blend into the environment that the user is comfortable with, thus giving the consumer information about your product or service when they need it. By using native advertising, consumers will be more open to learning about your brand than they would be through an disruptive online ad.

  2. Make your content more Customer-Centric. To make your brand feel more personal to your consumers, use marketing automation to deliver content that fits your customer’s needs and wants. The one size fits all strategy should be thrown out the window in 2018, it’s now time to build that special relationship with all your consumers, and marketing automation emails and chatbots can help.

While digital marketing is always changing, and new trends are constantly emerging, this top ten list should help your brand stay ahead of the digital curve and be successful for 2018.

We here at Media Rez wish you and your brands all the success and luck in 2018!

For more information on digital trends and how to create the best digital marketing strategies, be sure to subscribe to our blog posts or check back monthly to see what’s new and exciting in the industry!

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