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Boost your Brand through Effective Content Marketing

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Content marketing. Content strategy. Content development. No matter what business you’re in, these are terms you’re either dealing with, struggling with or (for a select few) succeeding with. Because, in today’s world, content is your currency. When done right, content is how people find you, get to know you, buy into you, and (ultimately) buy from you.

Digital Marketing gives you the ability to put your content in front of anyone you want, whenever you want, wherever they are. It’s incredible when you think about it - gone are the days where your only option is to print ads or run TV commercials; you now have the power to spread your message digitally to anyone in the world.

But creating powerful content that will reach your audience and move them to buy isn’t as easy as passing the task to the intern. It comes down to two key factors: consistency and quality. Companies that do both are winning, and the numbers show that: Small businesses that blog consistently get 126% more lead growth than small businesses that don’t - but more importantly, 92% of companies that blog multiple times per day have acquired a customer from their blog (source).

Here’s why:

Consistent quality content gets you seen:

Google rewards companies that make it easy for them to find and categorize content that they can later rank in search results. You make it easy for Google to offer relevant content in two ways: create consistently, and make it worth someone’s time. If it’s a blog post, make it easy to read and salient. If it’s a video, make it short and entertaining (and include related text on the page).

The more people read or watch what you put online, and the more people link to it from their sites or social platforms, the higher you will rank in search results.

The key is to know your audience. So, start by building out a concrete buyer persona and create content that directly speaks to their needs.

Consistent quality content gets you believed

Demonstrating your expertise in the digital world is no different than doing it in the real world: know something that others don’t, share just enough to teach the basics (keep your “secrete sauce secrete), and then invite your audience to “let you lead their efforts” (i.e. buy!). If your content’s done right, they’ll believe in your ability to deliver those benefits, and at the least, will reach out to further the discussion. Helpful tip: In our experience, audiences need 5-7 touch points (or exposure) to you, your brand, and your offering before they might be interested. Consider breaking down your content to develop these touch points.

So, the more you tell your story by creating quality, value-added content, the more you’ll be believed and the more you’ll sell.

Consistent quality content builds your voice.

Whether or not you notice, when talking to a coworkers, family member, or significant other, you will often adjust your voice, vocabulary, and tone. Similarly, with content, you need to find your brand’s “voice” that works with your audience. Every time you produce a piece of content, you can further define your brand’s voice, and make it more unique to you while increasing relatability with your audience.

Consistent quality content gets you farther than you can possibly fathom.

Let’s say you publish a piece of quality content and 10 people share it. That might seem like nothing, but if the content is value-added and provides information that could change lives, the networks of each 10 people might like it too, and next thing you know, you’ve created viral content!

Does that mean your jobs done? Nope, it’s just begun.

Getting content that is good enough to be shared is one hurdle, now you need to keep creating meaningful content. It’s likely that your amazing shared content will attract followers. These followers demand new, creative, innovative, value-added content.

But ultimately, consistent quality content tells your story.

And make no mistake, it’s a good story. A story that want your customers, prospects, suppliers, friends and family to know because stories are what people buy into. Stories create affinity. Affinity leads to a massive following, increased following leads to prospects, and prospects lead to sales.

Isn’t that what all the effort was about in the first place?

Just Remember; You must start somewhere.

So, now you are all informed and ready to start producing content. You know that it needs to be consistent, targeted to your industry and your target audience, and that the content produced should be entertaining. However, we feel that before you get started, there is one more parting piece of guidance that we should give; you must start somewhere.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve written multiple blog posts or produced thousands of videos, or haven’t typed a single word – ever - it takes some time for online content to get traction. Your first blog post may only get 5 views, however, if you keep posting at a consistent rate, we are sure that by your 50th post, you’ll gain traction! Just be sure to keep your target audience in mind!

It is important to keep being consistent and posting content that you know you’ll audience will love and find valuable, and eventually, the rest will fall into place.

If you need help with learning the content development basics, and understanding your target audience, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation!

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