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The New Powerful Trend that's Changing Search Engine Optimization Strategies

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You’re walking down the street and you think to yourself, “I could totally go for a blueberry scone right now.” So, you pull that supercomputer out of your pocket, and ask it to find you a nearby bakery. BOOM! just like that, you have created a micro moment. This piece from Google refers to them as an “I want to know,” “I want to go,” “I want to buy” or “I want to do” moments where you turn to your phone for a specific reason and an instantaneous response.Micro moments differ from those times people turn to their phones for entertainment or to check their social feeds. With micro moments, users become potential customers searching for answers and are consciously open to suggestion from brands and companies who can satisfy their impulse or spontaneous needs.

Micro moments represent the new relationship we have with technology, and the new relationship marketers need to forge with their audiences. It’s not about being in front of your customers and prospects all the time. It’s about being there at the RIGHT times.

Mastering the Micro Moment

Almost every “search trends 2018” list has a section about micro moments. And for good reason: 90% of smartphone users aren’t absolutely sure of the brand they want to buy when they begin searching.

So how do you put yourself on their radar in that moment? How do you give yourself a chance to be considered?

The first and most important thing you can do is to recognize that a micro moment is almost always a question being asked. So, as you start planning your keyword strategy, make sure you’re factoring this in.

In the case of our baker, that means going beyond using simple keywords like “bakery” or “blueberry scone” and instead using something like “Get a blueberry scone in Toronto, or “Places with blueberry scones near me.” Because that’s exactly what a potential customer is going to be asking their phone in the micro moment when they want blueberry scone.

And remember, when we say they’re going to be asking their phones, they’re going to be using their voices to do it (we talked about this at length earlier this year). And they’re not going to be saying “scone Woodbridge” because no one talks like that. Our devices have been programmed to behave like active participants in a conversation. They even have names! And those names almost compel us to speak to them in full sentences: “Siri, where can I get a blueberry scone in Toronto?”

Another way to master the micro moment is to account for what’s happening in your customer’s world. And for that, you can have your own micro moment. For example, if you ask your phone for tomorrow’s weather and you find out it’s going to be cold, when someone is looking for a blueberry scone in Toronto, you can up-sell your bakery with a promise to warm it up or offer a scone and a hot coffee combo.

Learn from Micro-Moment Master

From where we sit, the undisputed leader in micro moment capitalization is Waze.

When they first started out, it was billed as a crowd-sourcing way to get traffic updates and plan routes from A to B. Brilliant in its own right? But how were they going to make money?

A few years later, they started inviting brands to offer themselves to drivers when they needed them most. In the mornings, Tim Hortons told drivers where the closest location is. On icy days, gas stations let drivers know of specials on antifreeze.

In this way, Waze not only satisfied the micro moment request of “how do I get to where I’m going the fastest,” but they anticipated the micro moments drivers were going to have and gave them the answers before they even had to ask.

Let’s talk about your micro moments

The most exciting part of jumping in front of a customer’s spontaneous search for exactly what you sell is the lack of competition you’ll face if you do it right. Because micro moments let you be hyper-specific. Yes, there may be other bakeries in your neighbourhood, but if you can anticipate the questions customers are going to ask when they want what you have, you become the first and very best option for them. And the scones start flying off the shelves.

Micro-moments are the new wave of search engine optimization. They are how people search, and how they will be searching for the next couple of years. Rather than waiting for everyone to get on board with this trend, start updating your website and pay-per-click ads now! Giving your company the recognition it deserves, rather than your competitors.

Not exactly sure how to update your SEO strategies or created pay-per-click ads? That’s what we do best! Contact us for a free consultation.

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