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5 Articles That Can Help Bring Your Business to The Next Level

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Marketing is a big job and encompasses various moving parts that need to work together like a well-oiled machine to truly benefit your company.

At Media Rez Studios, we segment our client projects within the following 5 core marketing categories:

  1. Website

  2. Content

  3. Social Media

  4. Pay-per-clicks

  5. Emails

We see these 5 categories as the integral systems or “moving parts” that need to be individually and collectively optimized, for companies to grow and be successful.

Because we read A LOT about these systems, how they can be optimized, and how to implement effective strategies for our clients, we’ve decided to share some articles that we found to be helpful and that you might learn a new trip or trick from.

1. Website

In a global study conducted by StatCounter in 2016, it was reported that internet traffic from mobile devices reached 51.2%, whereas internet traffic from desktop was at 48%. Add in that in the same year, Google updated their search algorithm to favour “Mobile-First” websites. These are just some reasons why having a mobile-friendly website and user experience should be your top-priority.

Here’s a great article by Natalie Peterson that lists 10 reasons why mobile-friendly is important, and 5 ways to improve your mobile site: “Why are Mobile Friendly Websites and Content Important?”

2. Content

Content and SEO should go hand-in-hand, like “milk and cookies”, “PB & J”, “wine and chocolate”, “Donny and Marie”, you get the drift …

  • SEO is data-driven; looking at what keywords your customers are likely to use, what your website’s metadata looks like, and how to optimize for search engine readability.

  • Content is emotion-driven; connecting to your customers, providing them with answers, and using the keywords that they’re likely to type (or speak) into search engines.

The similarities should be obvious; they’re both customer-centric! That’s why having an unbreakable connection between your SEO strategy and Content Strategy is important or rather vital to your website’s success.

Read this article by industry leader, Neil Patel to find out more about “Why SEO Is Actually All About Content Marketing.”

3. Social Media

Social media marketing is the “organic” way of reaching and connecting with both your current and prospective customers. It’s organic because the reach is unpaid, though it’s important to remember that each platform takes time to create, schedule and respond to posts.

As with most things marketing, effective social media marketing starts off with creating a plan based on the goals, problems and conflicts that your target audience faces every day. This will help you to decide which platform you should be on and how you should be posting.

To find out more about social media marketing and how to optimize for success, here’s a great overview post by WordStream: “Social Media Marketing for Business”

4. Pay-per-clicks

Running pay-per-clicks are the current form of running ads. Instead of print media (like newspapers or flyers), PPC ads are placed online – either on search engines, websites or social media. Some of the awesome things about running PPC campaigns are that you can:

  • Place ads where your audience spends their time – online!

  • Customize the campaigns to achieve specific goals that support your sales funnel.

  • Create effective visual representation of your company and brand.

  • Pivot, change and optimize your ads in real-time, anytime.

  • Show real results such as views, clicks (to website), reactions and more!

But always remember, creating effective PPC ads and campaigns require effective planning, audience research and A / B testing!

To learn more about pay-per-click advertising, here’s a terrific overview article by Portent: “Pay Per Click Marketing Explained.”

5. Emails

Nowadays, emails are like phone calls. Yes, if you consider how many emails you get in a day and compare that to how many you open, you might be hesitant to launch an email marketing strategy. But not so fast!! Research by Email Monday showed that for the ROI is avg $44 for every $1 spend on email marketing; which means that making a strong email marketing strategy a highly valuable opportunity.

As with everything else, great email marketing ROI starts with a great plan and really knowing your audience. From there, you can create email campaigns that target your audiences needs and help guide them through the purchasing process.

Here’s a great infographic by Campaign Monitor that shows “5 Emails Every Marketer Should Send.” Step it up a notch and use these 5 emails as a campaign and develop 3 emails for each type to really nurture your leads!

We know all this is a lot to take in and can be overwhelming, but that’s why we’re here – we are addicted to marketing!! If you want to pick our brains on how to develop your marketing strategy, collaborate on your favourite marketing category above, or discuss the cute things our pets did this weekend – feel free to reach out at

Until then, see you next month with another blog post!

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