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5 Articles That Can Improve Your Content Marketing At Any Stage

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A strong content marketing plan will help increase SEO, brand loyalty and an online reputation. It helps you stay “top of mind” when your potential customers are looking to buy, creates a voice that your customers emotionally connect with and trust, and it is the deciding factor between a “good” company and a “great” company!

So if content marketing is so great, why do most business owners fall behind? The typical answers that we get are: “It takes too long!” “It’s a LOT of planning!” “I never know what to say!” “I can’t measure ROI, so what’s the point?!” “Who has the time?” “If I hire someone it’s expensive!”

But with a little bit of planning and forward thinking, you can build a content marketing plan that will start working for you.

To get you started, here’s a list of our favourite and most informative articles that will guide you through all the aspects of content marketing, from strategizing to repurposing it. Check out our holy grail articles for content marketing below:

1. The Power of Content Marketing

If you are skeptical about what content marketing can do for your brand, then we highly recommend that you check out this article written by Marketing and Growth Hack. This article is dedicated to recent updated statistics which showcase the overall power that content marketing has, whether that be in a sales funnel or compared to pay-per-click advertisements. For example, Marketing and Growth Hack’s research has found that consumers feel more connected to brands after reading their content, thus helping to increase lead quality and quantity for the company by 74%. However, most consumers are spending an average of 37 seconds skimming each article, so to produce these great leads, it is necessary that you produce informative and worthy pieces for your audience.

2. Creating your Content Marketing Strategy

Maybe you already know just how powerful content marketing is, or after reading the first article, your interested in getting started. But where do you begin when creating content? Well, like every other marketing initiative, you start with a strategy! HubSpot has developed an article that outlines, from start to finish, how to define and develop your strategy. HubSpot (one of the top producers for marketing content) gives you a list of questions to answer and 7 essential steps that are needed to develop your strategy, allowing you to have a well though out plan for when you begin creating. You can check out there article here to get started strategizing.

3. Creating Engaging Content

One of the best things about content is that when it is engaging, it gets shared! This means an increase in traffic to your website, and a growth in awareness for your brand. In this article from Entrepreneur, creating informative and inspiring content is broken down into 5 different types of criteria. From creating giveaways to including influencers, these are the tips that are going to help you create shareable pieces, helping your content spread like wildfire. So whether you are just starting out and want to create great content, or if you are trying to take your content to the next level, check out these 5 Easy Ways to Create Engaging Content Your Audience will Share.

4. Marketing your Marketing

Now that you’ve created content that fits well with your marketing strategy, and is engaging your audience, what’s next? Now it’s time to market your marketing. Convince and Convert has found that way too often after publishing content, creators will put in no effort to direct their followers or leads to their new post. Like every other marketing initiative or campaign, you need to build a marketing strategy around each piece of content you release. Convince and Convert explains exactly how to do this through Why you Need to Market your Marketing, focusing on marketing tools which you may already use like MailChimp and Facebook.

5. Re-purpose your Content

One of the best things about the content that you produce, is that it can be repurposed! If you find that a blog you’ve written is doing really well, turn it into a short video. If the video does well, add it to a landing page. If the lading page does well, create downloadable content, webinars, a video series, SlideShare, etc. The options are endless when repurposing your content, and it helps to bring more awareness and traffic to YOU. Foundr produced an article that showcases how to make one great piece of content work 12 times as hard, which you can view here. The ultimate goal of the 12Xs effect is to produce one great piece of content and use multiple different platforms (YouTube, SlideShare, Facebook etc.) to reach a variety of users who read and get their information in different ways.

Wondering how much you should be spending for your content marketing strategy? Marketing Insider Group developed an article that helps break down how to build a content marketing budget that is right for your brand. You can view this bonus article here, to ensure your not overspending on your marketing efforts.

In Conclusion…

Whether you’re a content marketing expert, or just a beginner in the field, it is always good make sure that you’re developing a strong content marketing foundation. We hope these articles break through the misconceptions of content marketing and help you get started, bringing you more loyal followers than ever.

Interested in content marketing but feel as though you’ll never have the time? Let us help! We are experts in producing SEO friendly posts that can be used for social media and your website. Let us do the research and write the posts, while you see your website traffic increase. Sounds good? Contact us here for a free consultation.

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