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5 Articles Every SEO Beginner Needs to Read

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SEO is a hot-topic in the digital marketing realm, and with great reason. Having an online presence that uses “Search Engine Optimization” means that you are easily being found online through organic means such as Google, Bing or Yahoo searches; helping to grow website traffic, brand recognition, and sales.

Needless to say, that SEO is a skill, however it is not a skill that you can become an expert in overnight. There’s a great deal to know. From keyword research and strategies, to creating SEO friendly blog posts and content, and everything in between, SEO is a complex subject.

Whether this is your first-time hearing about search engine optimization, or you have been trying to grow your SEO skills for (insert number of frustrating years here), we hope that you’ll find this blog interesting and helpful to help grow your skills, and your business!

To help you along the way, we’ve broken down the SEO process into 5 categories and selected a powerful blog for each that we feel offers key insights. Enjoy!

1. What is SEO and How Does it Work?

To become an expert in search engine optimization, you first need to know what it is and how it works to benefit your content and website. In this 5-minute video from Shopify, experts explain in simplistic terms how search engine giants (like Google) use algorithms to provide their consumers the most popular and useful websites for the search term, and how your website can be one of them. The video is easy to follow along and provides an insightful overview as to what and how SEO works. The best part? It’s a video, so you can watch it while enjoying your afternoon coffee or tea! Are you a Note Taker? Shopify also includes the transcript on this page for you to read.

2. Building Effective SEO Strategies

We absolutely love this article from Moz on how to build effective, sound, and lasting search engine optimization strategies. Not only will this article break down why having a strategy is of the upmost importance, but it also includes all members of the team (from copywriters to web developers) that need to be apart of the plan, and on the same page for this strategy to work. Lastly, Moz really goes into detail on every element that needs to be considered when developing your SEO strategy; from understanding your audience to creating realist and obtainable goals. If this is your first time creating an SEO strategy, or want to improve your current one, this article is a MUST READ.

3. Improving your SEO Ranking

You know what SEO is about, you’ve built a strategy, and now your site is ranking on Google, Bing and Yahoo. Congrats! However, it is not time to rest, but rather work on improve your ranking. In this article from Quick Sprout, different tactics and strategies are listed to help improve your website, which in turn helps to improve your ranking. From improving the load speed of your website to adding more visuals, Quick Sprout truly gives a variety of options that you may not have though of trying before. Whether a novice or expert at SEO, this article can be useful for everyone.

4. Conducting Keyword Research

Keywords and SEO go together like Romeo and Juliet, you really cannot have one without the other. That is why it is so important to conduct keyword research for all aspects of your website and content, as it helps to ensure that you are using words that consumers are actually searching for. In this article from one of our favourite websites; Hubspot, you can learn how to research keywords that are connected to your content and that are searchable, helping your site to get found on topics that you are passionate and writing about. Rather than using random words and hoping to be found, use this article to conduct the necessary research that can improve your SEO.

5. Using SEO Tools

As mentioned before, there are a lot of moving parts and things to know about SEO. From backlinks to alt tags, it can get extremely complicated and confusing. That is why it is important to make use of the hundreds of useful tools that can improve your SEO strategy and grow your ranking. Rather than searching and doing hours of research on which tools you need and should try out, you should check out Backlinko’s article. This article breaks down all SEO tools into different categories and provides descriptions as to how the tools work and what each tool can be used for. With this, you can easily find tools available that fit your need and get great overviews without having to visit multiple different websites and trials.

We hope that these 5 articles have taught you a little something about SEO and all that it can do for your content and website. Of course, if all this work sounds a little too confusing or too much to handle, Media Rez Studios is always here to help. We know quite a bit about SEO and can develop search engine optimization strategies, keyword research, and blog content for your website, all to improve your ranking. Contact us today for a free consultation, we would love to work with you!

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