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5 New Year's Resolutions for Branding Initiatives

2019 goals and new years resolutions

The past year was full of marketing trends that blew up within the industry’s radar. Having a goal for your branding initiatives requires many different routes and experiments. Now is a great time to review your branding initiatives from the past year and make a couple of tweaks where it is needed. Hit the ground running when the new year comes with these resolutions:

1. Learn How To Talk to Gen Z

The new generation of consumers focuses on a selection of things that sparks their interest. But more importantly, these consumers are more likely to align themselves with the brand value that they identify with. Find some features about your brand that speaks to your consumers and gives them something to resonate with. The more you relate to them, the more you can learn about them. These insights can be a starting point for your brand to position themselves at the forefront of Gen Z’s radar. Try Google Alerts or Brandwatch that will keep you in the loop with trending topics!

2. Utilize Social Listening

You can’t talk the talk if you can’t walk the walk. When your team brainstorms for a new campaign idea, try to learn how the audience will respond to it. Moreover, find out what their attitude is towards certain topics. One of the best ways to learn is to scour through trending topics in all of the social channels to see what people think of a trending topic or current events. Do they have a negative or positive response? Once you have a trending topic, join the conversation with your followers and tie it with your brand.

3. Keep The Numbers

With the prevalence of analytic tools that social media channels have, collecting data about your follower activity is possible! Looking over the trends in the numbers could help your team strategize the best way to reach the audience since it shows you when your followers are the most active and what the demographics of your audience are like. Data gives you the best idea of how to position your campaign and maximize the results.

4. Integrate Your Brand with Current Trending Topics

Remember when IHOP temporarily changed their name into IHOB to promote their updated menu by adding burgers at the time? Twitter blew up, not only because of the brief name change but because of how other fast food restaurant chains joined in the fun. For example, Burger King changing their name to Pancake King. This 2018 phenomenon might not happen again, but your brand can join the fun on 2019’s upcoming trends or annual events. Look out for popular topics that may start in award seasons or the series finale of Game of Thrones in April.

Wendy's Twitter on IHOB

5. Don’t Forget About Offline Interactions

Sending GIFs and memes may be fun (actually no, it’s really fun). But connecting with people through events could expand your network significantly. With a common ground already set in the event, showing up is a gesture and a language in itself, which only means that you’re excited to meet more people with strengths and passions alike in the community. Genuine connections could go a long way and getting to know someone could lead you to the forefront of their growing journey. The more stories you hear, the more insights you get about the flow of the industry. Look into this year’s FITC, Design Thinkers, or even University student events!

These resolutions are not a one-fit-for-all solution to your branding problems, however, these resolutions can be a good start for your team to get out of a rut. Hope these resolutions give you fresh ideas on what to implement for the new year. Reach out to Media Rez for more branding advice and we would love to hear from you!

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