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How To Better Brand Your Business & Why It Attracts More Organic Reach

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Positioning your branding is an effective way to fight the decline of organic reach. While there are paid advertisements and sponsorships you can use, you don’t have to spend as much as you think to reach more impressions. The difference between marketing and branding is that branding is made of assets that include slogans, tagline, and visual assets, such as logos, colour, and fonts. These assets resonate messages to the targeted audience. The messages from your branding could gain more engagement and impressions just by the way you present it. Here’s how to position your branding to improve organic reach.

Review the Quality of your Content

Although this goes without saying, but take a look at your content so far and review their quality. See if you can add more value to your content to provide content that your audience wants and needs to hear. The quality of your content amplifies the relevancy of your content, which in turn, will come up through the platform’s algorithm.

Post More User Generated Content

Grow more interaction with your audience with content made by them. User-generated content invites your audience to take part in your branding. The visuals of a user-generated content resonate more with consumers because it is made by the audience, for the audience. Therefore, having a more genuine feel to your content. A way to execute this is to curate the contents that were posted with your hashtag and choose one that coincides with your branding.

Track With Various Analytics Tools

Figuring out what’s needed to hit the Instagram explore page or get the most impressions on Twitter, however, each social platform has their own analytics tools to measure the effectiveness of your content and each audience members interaction with your brand. You can track their responses based on the timing, relevancy, and frequency. One of the best ways for your branding to stand out from the algorithm is to take part in unique celebration days, such as the upcoming Vitamin C Day on April 4th. This way, you can track how your contents perform when you enhance its relevance.

Use Stories or Live

Update your followers using stories or live videos so that you can be on top of your follower’s radar. Stories and live videos provide different ways for your brand to communicate with your audiences. Your followers also experience your brand in unique ways. One way to use stories or live videos is to have a Q&A session to answer all the frequently asked questions from your audience.

Hope these strategies give you fresh ideas to brand your business on any social media platforms.

Say hi to Media Rez for more branding advice and we would love to hear from you!

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